John Trauth

John Trauth is based in San Francisco and has spent his career in the affordable housing industry in various capacities.    Early in his career, he served as the Director of Planning and Evaluation for HUD Region IX covering California and five other western states as well as Hawaii, Guam and the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands.

On the development side, he has created 29 affordable housing development corporations, primarily in California, including BRIDGE Housing in San Francisco (now the 14th largest housing developer in the US) and the Southern California Housing Development Corporation, now known as National Community Reinvestment Corporation (National CORE).

On the financing side, he served as Executive Director of the Development Fund based in San Francisco.  In partnership with Mike Lappin and CPC, and support from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, John created 8 state-wide replicas of the CPC consortia-based affordable housing financing program in California, Hawaii, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, New Hampshire and Florida.[1]  These banking consortia have now funded many billions of dollars in new affordable multifamily projects.

[1] Florida operates under a regional banking system, so the two Florida consortia covered the Orlando and Tampa-St Petersburg areas.